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Dawns of a Legacy [a fan series by Bo] follows closely to the Archie Comics' version of the Sonic franchise. Actually one of many stories by Bo - this being the most looked forward to, modern one. Here will be detailed information on the characters, events, places, etc. Also some in-depth looks at the art, story ideas, and such concept content.

When in actuality, this site was created under the purpose of further organization, and finalizing story ideas.

Dawns of a LegacyEdit

Is [going to be] a web comic style story, which follows the lives of a few Mobians in their part in the solution to the war effort against the evil mechanical tyrant I.V.O.N., and his robot armies.

Said Mobians include:

Strike Elizar, grew up in the prairie area of Old Western Mobotropolis. where he was adopted, and grew up with the Braves (Zaku & Han) living there. Zaku had trained him and his grandson Han in the ways of the true warrior.

Will, simply Will, a fox abandoned by parents who couldn't even support themselves, left at an orphanage were he had been in and out growing up, this having to do making him naturally "cold". He had grown up and left the place only to wind up in the military as a "guinea pig" for a certain experiment, where him and his only friend at the time were promised food and shelter.

Okami, Simply got kicked out of his home at the grown age of 18 (which was actually out of fear for evidence of his developing inner power), and has lived with a "Robin Hood"-like gang, in Olden Town (where guns were outlawed), after having his town raided, he moved on toward Old Mobotropolis for a new life on his own, where he had gotten himself accidentally involved with the war.

Latest activityEdit

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